How the life in Cyprus attracts?

Cyprus has long attracted foreign tourists. Not only because of the climate, but also because of the operating offshore conditions. The tax on profits in Cyprus in 2017 are considered as one of the most sparing throughout the European Union, although the standard of living is slightly higher than the average in this zone.

Moving to Cyprus does not mean long-term adaptation. Almost in every district of Cyprus you can hear Russian speech. In Cyprus, the Russian diaspora for 100 thousand people.

The most “Russian city” is Limassol, which is close to the city infrastructure and the well-maintained beaches.  People are coming here to pursue a couple of goals:

  • relaxation;
  • to raise their children;
  • education;
  • manage a business located in another country;
  • to meet old age, etc.

Getting a decent job here is pretty difficult, as in most EU countries, but a sparing tax on profits allows you to develop your own business, including opening branches in Cyprus.

If we compare the standard of living in Cyprus with the countries of the European Union, the life in Cyprus may seem much more expensive than in some Schengen states, but if we compare Moscow to Cyprus, the difference in prices is not very noticeable, although it exists.

Prices in Cyprus are higher for imported products, but for own products, including agricultural products and meat,prices are a lot cheaperl. In addition, local fruits and vegetables differ by excellent quality and taste.


At any time of the year, on the table of an average family,  there is always plently of dishes from vegetables, cold and hot snacks. From meat, Cypriots prefer pork and lamb. Also, a significant part of the table is saved for seafood and fish.


To eat at home and cook yourself is much cheaper than eating out. The average check in the cafe without excesses for a full dinner and without alcohol is about 15 euros.

If you draw an analogy in real estate valuation in comparison with other seaside resorts, the value of real estate in Cyprus is loyal. This trend is seen under the prism of the acquired benefits: the ecological situation on the island is excellent, clean air and fresh products, the inhabitants of Cyprus are long-lived, and Cyprus is a fairly safe place to settle, as the crime rate is at an extremely low level.


Cyprus – is an ideal place for living,  if what you’re looking for is quality, education, nutrition, medicine and a state of utter harmony. There is a place for everyone here. The country is actively developing and growing, so hurry to join the number of its citizens, as soon as possible!