How the life in Cyprus attracts?

Cyprus has long attracted foreign tourists. Not only because of the climate, but also because of the operating offshore conditions. The tax on profits in Cyprus in 2017 are considered as one of the most sparing throughout the European Union, although the standard of living is slightly higher than the average in this zone.

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The construction of the first in Cyprus casino resort

In late April, the international consortium Melco-Hard Rock Resort intends to sign a multi-million dollar contract with the government of the Republic of Cyprus for the construction of a resort in Limassol with gambling tables and automatic devices. The Cypriot authorities decided to issue only one license to open a casino for a period of 15 years. If the project is successful, the consortium will have the right to extend the contract for another 15 years. The opening of the casino-resort – the first in Europe – is scheduled for the beginning of 2020, it is also planned to provide thousands of jobs in the gaming industry in Cyprus. Kurot will be located in the New Port of Limassol, Lady’s Mile Beach and the My Mall.

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Small tricks of the big project

Inflation is even in Cyprus, so construction costs are increasing by about 10% in year. It is best to draw up a contract with the contractor on an “all inclusive” that will help avoid hitting inflation as a result of another increase in the price of labor and building materials. In this case, of course, will have to pay well at once but at least you will know from the very beginning, how much you will spend, and in the end there will be no surprises.

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Cyprus passport – investment citizenship in Cyprus

Starting from March 19, 2014, according to the Cyprus laws, the non-Europeans investing in the economy of Cyprus have an opportunity to obtain a Cypriot (European) citizenship.

Crona Group Legal Department offers a service package to facilitate the submission of individual and collective investment citizenship applications, and makes sure all of your family members will receive Cypriot passports in a timely manner.

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