As one of our core disciplines, construction is essentially where our reputation is made or lost. That’s why every aspect of construction that we are involved in is so important — and we never lose sight of that fact. We become involved at the initial concept stage of a project, working with architects and stakeholders to maximize the potential. And we follow through at every stage of the construction phases to completion and handover. Our strength lies in our ability to manage a project end-to-end, and because we have a strong management team, we are able to oversee effectively the time-critical and build quality aspects so that our client doesn’t feel pressured.Our capabilities are such that we have been involved in a broad range of residential construction projects – including luxury villas, houses and apartments, and commercial projects in the tourism, office, retail and industrial sectors.From an environmental aspect, we have a clear focus to promote sustainable construction principles: where what we build sits in harmony with its immediate surroundings and the wider environment