The policy of Cronatherm Ltd is to provide working conditions that are healthy and safe for all members of our workforce. This is to enable them to carry out their work activities in such ways that the health, safety and welfare of themselves and of others who may be affected by their actions will not be affected in an adverse way.

To promote this high level of commitment and continual improvement, Cronatherm will ensure that the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety at Work regulations and all duties and obligations imposed by any other Acts and Regulations affecting the activities of the company are complied with.

Everyone in the company will be involved in promoting a strong safety culture. This will be done by providing adequate resources, information, training and instruction, involving individuals at all levels in the active management of health and safety in the workplace.

Risk assessment and risk management are seen as being of prime importance in establishing progressive working methods that help improve both efficiency and health and safety in the workplace. Everyone within the company at all levels has some degree of input to this ongoing process.