Small tricks of the big project

Inflation is even in Cyprus, so construction costs are increasing by about 10% in year. It is best to draw up a contract with the contractor on an “all inclusive” that will help avoid hitting inflation as a result of another increase in the price of labor and building materials. In this case, of course, will have to pay well at once but at least you will know from the very beginning, how much you will spend, and in the end there will be no surprises.

Fill in your contracts with the architect, civil engineer, an estimator and electro-mechanics point that they must be on site at least once a week (especially the architect and electrician).

In Cyprus there are different classifications of contractors who have the right to be engaged in the construction of buildings up to a certain amount of square meters. Make sure that your home is not too “big” for the class of your contractor. If you hire subcontractors on your own, make sure that they have signed a contract with the main contractor, includes items on responsibility for health and insurance. For any extra works that you want to make, always get a quote in advance.

Remember that the architect after completion must obtain a certificate of final approval and then start the registration procedure of the House to get title deed. Unfortunately without document of final approval you will not be able to live in your property ( Sometimes this happens).

A tip for those who in the future plans to sell a house: make the building in the conventional style, because your own architectural delights may scare off potential buyers.

Don’t follow ostentatious friendliness of contractors and construction professionals, not to mention relatives and your local friends -many of them receive Commission. Take your decisions only on the basis of the professional advice. At the end, this investment could become one of the biggest you ever made abroad. If you do everything right you, you’ll get your dream home, the best quality and the feeling of pleasure from this carefully designed property.

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